Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is a functional tool that many supermarkets have developed over time. Although they vary in sizes, wheels, colors and ergonomic capacity, the principle is the same: Help people to be able to transport all their purchases through the store and finally reach their vehicle. However, this item is not completely useful to everyone. A part of the population considers that these carts are not friendly enough with them, we are talking about people with disabilities or even overweight people. For the first group, the use of intelligent carts has been taken into account that allow people to use them while they are mounted on them, at the same time that they gather their things. For the other group however, the solution seems to be less practical, exercise. For that part of the population, then, there is a need for products that help to lose weight in order to lead their lives in a normal and calm way. Scientists have developed pills that allow you to lose weight without much effort, so if you are interested in information, go to